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Have you ever received a letter from the IRS that made your stomach drop?

Have you ever had a sleepless night or woken up in a cold sweat worrying what the IRS would do next?

Are you looking for tax advice you can trust?

You can work with one of the most trusted tax professionals
David C. Zubler

DAVID C. ZUBLER is a licensed Enrolled Agent.  Enrolled Agents are the only federally-licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Enrolled Agents’ expertise in the continually-changing field of taxation enables them to effectively represent taxpayers at all administrative levels within the IRS.  David has over 25 years of tax experience both nationally and in his residence state, Tennessee.

David is a certified continuing education instructor. You can contact him for more information.  He is also a syndicated newspaper columnist and the author of four books which are available on Amazon.  His company provides painless and permanent rescues for people with IRS problems, and tax-saving business strategies.

Fight The IRS And Win!

Anyone who is being Audited by the IRS or owes money to the IRS this book will be very informative for you.

Topics Include:

  • Audits
  • Liens
  • Levies
  • Garnishments
  • Lien Withdrawals
  • Interacting with the IRS
  • Taxpayer Advocate

David’s articles are on the Education tab.

David Zubler with Allen Snow, owner of Morgan County Today. David is the tax expert and tax columnist for the newspaper.

Tax-Saving Business Strategies

    Your Tax Care also determines the best tax strategy to save thousands of dollars for smaller companies or individuals, and ten’s of thousands of dollars for larger companies!  Check out the rest of our website for the latest tax news and education.


David Zubler meeting with motivational speaker Tony Robbins


The IRS collection process and what to expect

I was considering how my clients feel when they receive a letter from the IRS and the turmoil they are in so I thought I’d explain some of the letters for you. Keep in mind the IRS won’t start collection activity against you because you didn’t pay your taxes with your...

David C. Zubler’s Next Steps After Settling With The IRS

What happens AFTER our company strikes a deal on your behalf with the IRS? The IRS agrees that you cannot pay back all of your taxes and that a settlement is in everyone’s best interest we have to make sure that the IRS Offer in Compromise remains in force. There are...

Six Common Ways Taxpayers Receive IRS Audits

With the tax deadline bearing down on us, I thought I'd touch base today, to give you some thoughts on what could get you into hot water THIS tax season. And, well, really any tax season. Now ... sometimes, clients come to us from other professionals because they have...

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What Does The IRS “Have” On You

CRYING WITH HAPPY TEARS FOR ONCE!!! I appreciate you so much! So very much! You have worked so super hard for us. We are so grateful for you, for your help and your knowledge. We still don’t know how we got in this predicament with no way out. No one had answers and no one seemed to care. I have never prayed for anything so hard in my life. You cared about us and our situation. Thank you for caring! Thank you for helping! Feeling lighter and feeling like I can breathe again for the first time in years!!! Finally, we can move on to new chapters in our life. Forever grateful!

Whitney Kyte

My wages had been garnished by the IRS. David called the IRS and was successful in getting them to agree to stop the garnishment. About a week later, I received a letter from the IRS which stated that David had been successful in stopping the garnishment. Unfortunately, the IRS did not contact my employer to let them know they should stop the garnishment of my wages as required by the agreement. When I discovered the IRS had continued to garnish my wages, I contacted David and he said he would immediately give them a call. He called the IRS but they gave him the run around and said the paperwork was going through different departments and it would take more time. They said garnishment would actually stop at a later date and that I was not entitled to get any of the garnishment back. David told me that he had attended a tax seminar and one of the speakers was the top person over the entire IRS Collections Division. He had told David that if he ever had any problems in dealing with the IRS, to give him a call on his cell phone. David said he would call him after his next appointment. David called him on his cell phone and the IRS fixed the problem with my employer immediately. And the IRS agreed that I would get back the money that was taken after the agreement had been accepted.

Ron Stoltzfus

Knoxville, TN