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Interacting with the IRS

Create a good relationship with the IRS

Be efficient when interacting with the IRS

File an appeal if you disagree with the IRS

Get help from the Taxpayer Advocate

Properly document your IRS correspondence

Tax News

There’s a new special tax deduction just for 2020 tax returns

Take advantage of the bigger meal deduction for 2021 and 2022

The Employee Retention Credit can provide employers with substantial credits

New option to qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit

The new unemployment rule gives a big tax break 

New favorable rules for covid related retirement withdrawals

General Information

File your tax return even if you can't pay the IRS

Be careful when hiring a tax professional

Be careful of scammers 

Amending returns for missed deductions

Advantages of E-filing if you owe the IRS

Tax Tips and Strategies

Work 2 half days and write off an 11 day vacation

There are tax-saving strategies that can save thousands of dollars each year

Great benefits from the home office deduction

Hire your spouse and save thousands of dollars without spending more money

Choosing the best type of business entity can save thousands of dollars 

Deduct your timeshare

Deduct exotic vacation

Deduct sponsoring a sports team

Rent from your spouse and save thousands in taxes 

Commonly missed home office deduction

Paying your kids can save a substantial amount of taxes

Savings from an HSA

Kids camp deduction

Options If You Can’t Pay the IRS

If you owe the IRS, responding early may provide better alternatives

Settle for less with an offer in compromise

Partial pay installment agreement to settle for less than the full amount

Currently not collectible status stops IRS collection activity


How to avoid underreporting

Rounding dollars to zero can increase your chance of being ed

Mileage log can be a red flag during an audit

Hobby ruling can have a substantial impact on your taxes

Disagreements with an IRS