Ask The Expert Columns

    • Ask The Expert #1
      • I’ve lost all my records.  Can I still file my tax return?
      • I won’t have the money to pay my taxes.  Should I wait until I have the money before I file my taxes?
      • I am getting older and was thinking of giving a property to my daughter, is this a good idea?
    • Ask The Expert #2
      • I’m thinking about taking $60,000 out of my IRA to pay off my house.  Is this a good idea?
      • I got a phone call from someone who said they were the IRS that said if I didn’t pay tax money owed they would throw me in jail.  How do I know if it was the IRS?
      • The IRS has charged me penalties.  Do I have to pay the penalties?
    • Ask The Expert #3
      • This will sound like a dumb question, but I forgot to deduct medical bills on my tax return on my return last year. Can I deduct it on this year’s tax return?
      • My daughter and her baby live with me, and I pay for the utilities and food. Can I claim my grandchild?
      • My uncle always deducts his remodeling on his home on his tax return. Is it ok to deduct remodeling?
    • Ask The Expert #4
      • My son will be going to college and moving out of state next year. Will I be able to claim him on my tax return?
      • I received a 1099-C Cancelation of debt. Is that amount required to be reported as income on my tax return?
      • My son is 17 and he received a 1099-MISC for $600. That is his only income. Is he required to file a tax return?
    • Ask The Expert #5
      • I discovered a missed deduction in a previous year’s return. Will I be likely to be audited if I amend my return?
      • I have been separated from my husband for several years, and he won’t agree to a divorce. How long do I have to file Married Filing Separately?
      • I own a business and am trying to buy a house. My bank says that my profit is not enough to buy the house I want. Can I file a return without all of my expenses and then amend it after the mortgage has been approved?
    • Ask The Expert #6
      • I will soon be receiving an inheritance. Will it be taxable?
      • I have tax returns and receipts for over 20 years. When is it safe to throw them away?
      • I drive almost 30 miles a day to go to work. Is there any way I can deduct it on my tax return?

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